Carlo Antonio Danzo


Carlo Antonio DanzoI have been at the helm of our family business from the very beginning. At first I stood by my father’s side but now it is he who stands by me. The main objective that I have set for myself is to increase the company’s competencies through the implementation of an administrative structure that can respond rapidly to the requests of the market.

In this respect, I have been helped by a kind of mentality that I believe is an inborncharacter trait in me: the desire to always keep improving myself and to always reach for new horizons, without lingering unnecessarily in transient and ephemeral moments of contentment. From the beginning I centred great part of my efforts upon a particular and fundamental characteristic that is part of the profile of our business management: the optimizing of the manufacturing process. A condition that I considered essential, in order to remain constantly competitive on the market. This attitude has resulted in the achievement of constant and significant results. Moreover, this behavior has evolved together with the development of those which are my deepest passions. Since I was a boy, I have frequented the most remote places in the Alps, through the practice of various mountain climbing disciplines. In these activities, I have been able to refine my aspirations and the desire to achieve them. Still, I find myself living these experiences, drawing on every occasion the lifeblood, rich of inspiration, useful for improving the most creative aspects of my professional life.”