In 1984, Valentino Danzo founded Tessitura Val d’Agno (Val d’Agno Textiles) which was owned jointly by V. Danzo and sons. Danzo found himself at the top of a long and successful career that had lasted for more than twenty-five years, during which he had succeeded in bringing together and developing all the businesses that later came to constitute the foundation of his textile company. The company has been working in the field of women’s clothing for a long time. Later, in 1992, we decided to take a monumental step, founding a private limited company: DANZO Srl. This transformation allowed us to extend our production to new market sectors and to improve the business activities that we already had through a further sophistication of our organizational system.

In 2009, the company acquired Manifattura Fossa (The Fossa Manufactory), a historic textile manufacturer at Gallarate, only a few kilometres from Milan, right in the heart of the renowned textile region Lombardy. Manifattura Fossa specialized in the creation of extra long curtains and drapes, which they had been doing for more than sixty years. In this manner, our company increased its competence in this specific field, as well. Last but not least, in 2012, DANZO Srl took another step forwards, incorporating Treatex, a company that produced fire retardant fabrics and natural products, mainly made of linen.


Today it is a family business in which Antonio’s sons are also believing, in which each member fits perfectly into his role: Paola (wife) follows the quality control, Giulia follows the commercial part, Matteo who follows the suppliers and every certifications, and Silvia who follows the style office and the creation of new collections. All supported by colleagues who have worked and believed in the company for a lifetime, and by young minds who will grow up together!