Home décor fabrics and fabrics for accessories and clothing

DANZO S.r.l.

Carlo Antonio Danzo – Chairman of the company

Our company is subdivided into two divisions that work closely together. One is dedicated to the creation of home décor fabrics whilst the other specializes in fabrics for accessories and clothing.

These two different branches might seem completely separate but in reality they have numerous points of contact, especially from the point of view of creative elaboration and research on materials.

From the very beginning, the company has been able to count on its efficient Quality System that keeps the entire work flow under control: from research to product development all the way to the fulfilment of the order. The Quality System has been updated according to the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulation.

This kind of certification is deemed essential in order to be able to guarantee the uniqueness of our products and the services we offer. As regards the layout of our premises, we have a sophisticated department for the preparation for weaving and a weaving hall with around a hundred looms of single and double width, including both Jacquard and dobby machines. Moreover, we have a division that centres it activity on the control and mending of the greige fabrics. Yet another section examines all our processed fabrics whether they are dyed, finished, embroidered or printed. Last but not least, we have a section that is entirely dedicated to packaging and shipping. [..]

New Products 2019

[..] Regarding our manufacturing times, we can count on four-shift weaving and a warehouse of warp beams and wefts that is being continuously refurbished, which allows us to load and unload the textiles with great speed at all times, optimizing production times and costs. We strongly believe that our products form the basis of a unique brand that, in its turn, is the result of Italian creativity and of the way that our local culture expresses itself. Whilst touching upon this topic, it is important to remember that, even on a global scale, the Venetian and Lombard regions have always offered a kind of entrepreneurship and professionalism that traces its roots far back in time and that is difficult to find elsewhere. In the world of today new initiatives and new brands from all corners of the world keep showing up on the market, especially in the clothing industry (“fast fashion”), but these are obvious imitations of products that were originally created in our country.

New horizons – Together with its closest external consultants, this company does business on foreign markets with great perseverance. Many products are destined for Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Portugal and the United States. This last region is indispensable, not only because of the great potential of its market, but also because of the great appreciation of Italy and Italian products that North American consumers show. Asia is another target of great interest and, in particular, China.

It is important to remember that East Asia constitutes an enormous trade area where the uniqueness and quality of our products is highly appreciated.