Home décor fabrics and fabrics for accessories and clothing

DANZO S.r.l.

Carlo Antonio Danzo – Chairman of the company

Our company is subdivided into two divisions that work closely together. One is dedicated to the creation of home décor fabrics whilst the other specializes in fabrics for accessories and clothing.

These two different branches might seem completely separate but in reality they have numerous points of contact, especially from the point of view of creative elaboration and research on materials.

From the very beginning, the company has been able to count on its efficient Quality System that keeps the entire work flow under control: from research to product development all the way to the fulfilment of the order. The Quality System has been updated according to the new UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulation.

This kind of certification is deemed essential in order to be able to guarantee the uniqueness of our products and the services we offer. As regards the layout of our premises, we have a sophisticated department for the preparation for weaving and a weaving hall with around a hundred looms of single and double width, including both Jacquard and dobby machines. Moreover, we have a division that centres it activity on the control and mending of the greige fabrics. Yet another section examines all our processed fabrics whether they are dyed, finished, embroidered or printed. Last but not least, we have a section that is entirely dedicated to packaging and shipping. [..]

New Products 2022

The fil rouge of the new collection is Nature in all its forms and in the vastness of inspiration that it can give in the closest sense, thanks to the reality and the territory around which our company is surrounded, which is the same reality in which my family and I have grown up.

I started photographing everything that for me could be translated into intertwining, drawing, fold, weaving effect, observing more carefully even things that usually “slip” under our eyes, rediscovering beauty in small things.
You could find links, for example, from the moire-style patterns that the wind has formed on the snow of the Small Dolomites this winter, to those created by the reverberation of the waves of the Agno stream that flows alongside our company.
An inspiration in close connection with what our territory has been and will be, respecting and admiring nature in all its nuances: from the structures, to the colors, to the contrasts, irregularities and profiles that it gives us every day.

All this always, and constantly, accompanied by a careful study of the future trends.

A minimal-chic style given by the meeting between Scandinavian lines and Japanese aesthetics that finds beauty in the NATURAL IMPERFECTION OF BEING.

We have always weave natural fibers, such as wool, linen and eco-sustainable fibers such as Tencel fiber. In the new collection we have chosen to expand and offer a range of fabrics of various weights, from sheer/curtains to heavy fabrics for furniture, enhancing the fibers for their natural characteristics, trying to create optimal matches to optimize their yield…
such as wool with linen for much less wrinkling, or linen with Tencel for greater tenacity of the fiber.
Furthermore, when possible, without mixing degradable and non-degradable fibers, in a perspective already projected to post consumer.
All without the addition of invasive treatments during finishing, preferring mechanical actions to chemical ones that distort the fiber.

You will find

    Such as linen, hemp, wool, alpaca, organic or recycled cottons, cellulosic fibers such as Tencel, Modal, bamboo, paper and Viscose FSC
    Such as high tenacity polyester and recycled polyester
    Such as FR polyester, recycled FR and Trevira CS