“I come from the commercial area of Treatex, a company taken over by Danzo Srl in 2012. I wanted to get back into the game with this goal: acquiring new skills. Now, I do a some activities which are directly involved in the production process, besides continuing to take care of the sales, in particular I follow the finishing and the washing of the fabrics. I am convinced that the prerogative of our activity is the maximum reliability that we guarantee to the customers. I mean, especially, delivery times, the quality of the products and the maintenance of the exclusive. Another aspect that characterizes us is the continuous experimentation that we carry out, aimed at creating new types of fabrics and designs.This process is often perfected through the dialogue that we establish directly with the customers. An aspect that allows us to be careful to perceive the new sensibilities of the market.”



“I started working in this company as a weaver, then I moved on to take care of the production processes, to dedicate myself to research and development, not neglecting the care of relations with customers. My contribution mainly takes place in the development and proposal of new ideas. To this, I combine a great determination, which has always animated me and which, I believe, is fundamental in order to allow creativity to have an industrial application. I can say that, despite everyone have an irreplaceable role and attitude within the company, we operate in a condition of osmosis, like a team. This is another side of our work in which we deeply believe and which is certainly a peculiarity.”



“For about three years, I work closely with Antonio Danzo in the management of the Arredo Division. I am enthusiastic about this work, because I have the opportunity to grow in many ways. When acting in a context like ours, where individual sensitivities and dynamics are integrated with the team, we receive more incentives than normal working relationships, with the possibility of quickly learning many more things and receiving continuous rewards. Given my young age, I can claim to have a considerable responsibility, which I would not have been easy elsewhere, in similar organizational dimensions. In this regard, I testify that the business reality of which I belong has great reliance on youth resources.”



“I have always been fascinated by the work done by my grandfather and that now my father is carrying on. I intend to give my contribution to the company as soon as I finish my course of study. I have already accumulated some experiences in this sense, considering that I participated in several international fairs where the company presented the latest productions. On those occasions, I accompanied my father and as a result, I was able to witness how the business processes of the company are articulated. In the historical period in which we live, where many young people of my same age aim to work mainly in the tertiary sector, I decided to go against the current and to bet my future in the textile sector.”


SD“Since I was a teenager I showed a particular predisposition towards everything which had to do with fashion, design and art in general. In the organization of the company, I have tried to define my role following as much as possible those that are my aspirations and my attitudes. In this sense, in order to also acquire an academic education, I am attending, parallel to the work in the company, a renowned school of “fashion design”, the Marangoni Institute of Milan. I hope to be able to contribute ever more incisively, from a creative point of view, to the elaboration of the products of our company.”