Our Textile Machines


Our production is based on solid foundations.

As regards the preparation for weaving, we have a sophisticated division where warping is carried out: first the colour and the aspect of the yarn is controlled and its fibres are measured. Then, after it has been subjected to a further examination, it is loaded onto a yarn creel/spool rack. The threads, pulled by the reels, are first separated by the warp welding reeds and then, at a later stage, they are shifted through the balancing reeds in order to obtain their proper length. While these processes are going on, the reel continues to wind up the threads, giving them their essential homogeneity. During the last phase, all the threads, forming a chain, are unloaded onto a warp beam that is destined for the loom where it will be processed and woven.

A large part of the production process will take place at the Valdagno plant. The warp beams are transported in a special space, waiting to be loaded to the frame. For supply reasons, some are already stocked in a designated place. The real weaving takes place in a large room that host about one hundred last-generation looms.

The textiles that are produced at the Valdagno mill are all required to pass a quality check before they go through the finishing process and packaging. This phase is of utmost importance since it allows us to perform an in-depth analysis of our products’ internal condition. It is important to stress that, even if the likelihood is infinite, small defects might appear in the fabric. In order to prevent this problem, our staff monitor the whole process constantly. Lastly, the final product is inspected yet another time, and if anomalies should appear, our staff will mend the fabric manually and see to it that it meets our maximum.

Finally, at our factory in Gallarate, we conclude the production process with packaging and edging. This last step we devote to the items intended to be presented directly to our customers or for the preparation of the fairs.