Our work is based on research and development

Because of this propensity, we invest a lot of energy in the elaboration of the results that come from the dialogue with our customers. In this way, we aim to create a perfect combination between those that are their ideas and our prototypes. Moreover, this condition allows us to have a clear representation of the commercial dynamics and of what are the trends of the moment.

It is emphasized that a significant part of the staff is constantly engaged, in step and in the planning of new articles.

We believe that people have a high creative potential, unmatched by any machine.



We have been producers of fine natural fibers and wool since the beginning of our business venture. We have always paid particular attention to the selection and methods of use of raw materials, following the evolutionary paths we have made within the various types of processing.
In an advanced research phase, we have come to know and also deal with other components: natural and synthetic (aware of the many experiences acquired outside of weaving). In the curtain area, for example, the constant demand for products in “great height” has allowed us to develop a series of machining processes, which until recently were considered only executable for lower fabrics. Basically, we are able to create extremely versatile solutions, through which we can satisfy
the most diverse applications and requirements: combinations (continuously updated and embellished) of wool, silk and linen, or creation of high-performance products, obtained through special mixtures of noble fibers and synthetic fibers (normal, fireproof and recycled polyesters).
And finally, fabrics made of Tencel, Micromodal and other eco-friendly or purely technical materials.


Danzo’s company has always preferred natural and eco-sustainable compositions in their article such as linen, wool, hemp, recycled polyester, Tencel and Modal, and since Silvia has been following the new collections she’s having implemented the use of recycled, organic and biodegradable products, ‘cause it has always been the fil rouge of her studies and collections in the hope of a more conscientious and respectful future.

We also have a part of the collection dedicated to Flame Retardant and Trevira CS.